SAFE Bus 1

Notice the 2 cameras towards the top of the picture. This is 2 of 3 cameras that are on every bus.

SAFE Bus 2

Andy practicing for his next project which is to become an official bus driver for ECPPS. He hopes to volunteer as a field trip bus driver, to help students and teachers lower the cost of their trips.

SAFE Bus 4

Notice the camera straight back in this picture: This is the 3rd camera on the bus, which helps capture activity in the back of the bus.

SAFE Bus 5

Andy Montero. Michelle Spence, Paul Lane, and Dr. Larry Cartner excited after having checked out the new bus cameras for the first time!

SAFE Bus 3

Close shot of the two front bus cameras-one faces back to see bus activity, and the other faces the door to monitor who gets on and off the bus.